Decoding Genius: How smart can you get?

In our connected world, the influence of one genius, anywhere on the planet, could change your life. This weekend, settle back and contemplate what a singular, outstanding mind can achieve—just press ‘Play’ on Decoding Genius the second episode of GE’s fascinating series of weekly podcasts.

Episode 2: Getting the light bulb to turn on introduces 17-year-old Maya Burhanpurkar, who by the age of 10 had already designed a smart antibiotic and is now working on an autonomous robotic wheelchair for people with severe physical disabilities. Hear why she thinks she really peaked at age 6!


Among the experts in this installment is Professor Stephen Hsu, polymath, and a card-carrying genius himself. Hsu let the genie out of the bottle when he identified a set of genes associated with genius. Then he asked: what if you switch all those genes on at once? Hsu has estimated the theoretical maximum of IQ to be around 1000 (most of us are pretty smart at around 100), and says that the coming era of genetically enhanced intelligence will enable humans to evolve into a new breed of gigantor geniuses …

What can you learn by Decoding Genius?

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